Unique Chocolate

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you might want to give this unique chocolates for your beloved one.

Planetary Chocolates

Righa Royal Hotel Japan chocolate boutique L’éclat created beautiful planetary chocolates which are edible replicas of Mercury (coconut mango), Venus (cream lemon), Earth (cacao), Mars (orange praline), Jupiter (vanilla), Saturn (rum raisin), Uranus (milk tea) and Neptune (cappuccino).

The chocolates are sold individually for 400 yen. You can buy a set for 3,800 yen and L’éclat will include the Sun which is made of criollo chocolate and pineapple.

Check the website: http://www.rihga.co.jp/osaka/leclat/planet.html

Chocolate Art Supplies

Japanese design studio Nendo created these 12-piece edible paint sets for the Seibu Department Store in Japan.

Each tube contains a different flavored caramel or syrup matching the color of its label.

Check the website: http://www.nendo.jp

Chocolate Pencils

Another creation by Japanese design studio Nendo in a collaboration with patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu.

These chocolate pencils come in a number of cocoa blends that vary in intensity, with a special “pencil sharpener” that comes with the plate to grate the chocolate.

Check the website: http://www.nendo.jp

Chocolate Nails

DIY Modular Gourmet Chocolates

French designer Elsa Lambinet who recently graduated from the ECAL University of Art and Design with a Masters in Advanced Studies in Luxury, created this 'Sweet Play' as her diploma project.

These chocolate can be created according to your taste, using three types of chocolate that can support two added ingredients: black chocolate has a hole to contain fruit, milk chocolate has spaces for nuts, and white chocolate is surfaced to hold liquids, and all three contain a hallowed compartment for inserted flavored wafers.

Check her website: http://www.lambinetelsa.com/

Source: colossal

Crayon and Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars

Chocolate maker Unelefante makes these beautiful chocolate bars that looks like melted crayons and drippy paint splashes on it.

Chocolate LEGOs

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed these edible chocolate LEGO bricks.

Check his website: http://sparebutton.jp/


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