Cardboard Artist's Studio by Tom Burckhardt

Tom Burckhardt created 'Full Stop', a full-scale replica of an artist's studio constructed entirely out of cardboard, black paint, wood and hot glue.

“This walk-through environment is full of the clutter and paraphernalia of the modern painter, toiling in romantic obscurity against the existential void. Except he/she doesn't seem to be succeeding. A basic lack of ideas has crippled production despite having all the right materials: tools, art supplies, art books, and postcards of the past masters' work at hand."

"There's something about the scale that's just post-war. One reason was that I needed to make the studio as cluttered as possible, to have the energy of the black paint drips everywhere-- so that the emptiness of the blank canvas in the center could feel stronger. Also, a lot of the research material came from that period, from the photographs my father, Rudy Burckhardt, took for ARTnews."

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