Inamichoukoku Guitar

The Toyama Prefecture-based Inamichoukoku – the Inami Wood Carving Cooperative – produces a wide variety of goods using the traditional Inami-style of wood carving that usually adorns temples and shrines.

The Dragon Sword Guitar - 1.95 million yen (US$16,487)

Now they are combining traditional design and aesthetics with modern ideas and technology to create these Japanese electric guitars that have been hand-crafted out of wood using traditional carving techniques.

The Bird Bass Guitar - 1.5 million yen (US$12,682)

The made-to-order and one of a kind guitar takes around five to six months to complete.

The Moon Reflection Guitar - 1 million yen (US$8,434)

The Lion Guitar - 440,000 yen (US$3,711)

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