Looking Into the Past by Jim Adams

American photographer Jim Adams from Whidbey Island, Washington, reproduces old photographs of places, printing them out, and then holding the print up in the modern day location that the original photograph was taken.

1937-2010 Jacob Ebey's Homestead

"I didn't have any old pictures, so I found an old HABS picture at the Library of Congress, copied it to my USB flash drive and headed to Walmart. I had to wait two days to take this picture, because of constant rain. The biggest problem was wind. I had a difficult time holding the picture upright with one hand, holding the camera with the other, while keeping my footing in the soft earth of the farm field in which I was standing."

1940-2010 Oak Harbor, WA

"Photomontage of present-day Oak Harbor and a postcard of Oak Harbor from 1940."

June 1934 - May 2010 Ferry House

"A Photoshop montage of a HABS photo from June 1934 and a photo I shot at an Open House event in May 2010. The focus of the HABS image is terrible, but the effect is pretty cool. The Ferry House was built in 1860 and is situated in central Whidbey Island, Washington."

1906-2010 Admiralty Head Lighthouse

"Photomontage of a 1906 photo of Admiralty Head Lighthouse overlaid onto a photo of the lighthouse from 2010."

1966-2010 Flintstones Car

"This is a photomontage of a 1966 photo of my Dad's brother's children sitting in a concrete Flintstones Car placed into a photo taken in 2010. The car still exists in Oak Harbor, WA, but I believe it's been "restored" and/or repaired and/or moved sometime in the past 4 to 5 decades."

1955-2010 Fort Casey Main Battery Line

"Photomontage of the Main Battery Line at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island, Washington State, US. The older black and white image is from 1955 (I believe) when Washington acquired the Fort to turn into a State Park."

1920s-2010 Keeper's Garden

Pre-1942-2010: Fort Casey Barracks

"The Fort was deactivated in 1919, but reactivated in 1942 for World War II. At that time, the barracks were renovated and stairs added to the exteriors."

Fort Casey 10-inch Gun

"10-inch Watervliet Arsenal Retractable Gun that fired 600-pound shells with a range of 8 miles. This photomontage shows a black and white photo of a 10-inch gun at Fort Casey on top of an image of the gun emplacement as it is in 2010. I photographed the public black and white picture which is hanging in the Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park."

1920s-2010 Lighthouse Assistant Keeper's Quarters

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All images are © Copyright of Jim Adams

Check his gallery: jimadamsphotography.com

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