Classic Muscle Cars Paintings by Cheryl Kelley

Texas-based painter Cheryl Kelley creates outstandingly photorealistic oil paintings of classic muscle cars using oil paint with a high gloss varnish to mimic the reflective surface of a car.

“The first thing that I am drawn to is the beauty. I find myself getting lost in the reflections of beautiful cars when I stop at traffic lights.”

"These big engine cars, seemingly fueled by raw testosterone, were ironically most definitely feminine in form. As a twentieth century American icon, the muscle car is remembered for its speed and power. My paintings are about the feminine sensuality of the surfaces, the Mel Ramos-like perfection of female form.”

"My work could be called photo - based realism. I work from photographs that I take at car shows and museums. The images are manipulated and become somewhat more real in the painting than their photographic predecessor."

"I use oil on canvas because I believe it is the most sensual of all mediums and it allows me the freedom to have varying techniques within my work. My brush strokes range from very tight and smoothly blended to very loose and expressive to create an illusion of openness and depth. My surfaces are smooth and a high gloss varnish is used to mimic the surface of a car. These works can appear both photo realistic and gesturally abstract depending on the position of the viewer which seems to me to be a perfect metaphor for the American Dream in all its complexity."

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Namrut said...

Awesome especially love the Edsel

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