Clothing Labels Art by Joy Pitts

Contemporary artist Joy Pitts, from Nottingham, UK, turn thousands of unwanted clothing labels from charity shops into amazing works of art.

"I started experimenting with materials when I was at college."

"The first piece I did was a shopping bag covered in labels and it won an award, then I did something similar and that won another award, as did my third piece."

In 2013, designer Paul Smith commissioned her to create a rabbit entirely out of Paul Smith clothing labels.

"I sent him some photographs of my work asking for some labels because he's also from Nottingham. He said 'no but I want to commission you for my private collection'."

Check her exhibition at Lace Market Gallery, from 23 April to 13 May, and at The Lally Gallery at the Erewash Museum, from 11 September to 30 October.

Check her website:


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