50 Foods in 50 Days by CJ Hendry

Brisbane artist CJ Hendry just finished a huge drawing project wherein she drew 50 food drawings on gorgeous Hermes plates in 50 days, and publishing them to Instagram every 24 hours.

She was inspired to create 50 meals on Hermes plates, to juxtapose the luxurious platters with basic food items, believing that if she were ever to be served a final meal, she would want it one of these plates

Each image has been hand drawn with felt-tip pens onto 75 x 75 cm canvases and has already been sold to destinations all over the world, some even being sold before she started them.

The hyper realistic images are part of her Melbourne-based exhibition '50 foods in 50 days' which run from 27th March to 12th April at a pop-up gourmet food store at 166 Gertrude St. Fitzroy in Melbourne.

Check his instagram: https://instagram.com/cj_hendry/


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