Unique Lamps

Insecta Lamps

Korean sculptor U-Ram Choe (previously here) builds a pair of insect-like lamps titled 'Silver Insecta Lamp' and 'Gold Insecta Lamp'.

Fish Lamps

Architect and artist Frank Gehry created this series of fish lamps constructed from jagged scales of ColorCore formica mounted on a wireframe.

Jellyfish Lamps

California-based artist Roxy Russell created this 'Medusae Collection', a series of three feet height pendant lamps that look like jellyfish, made from polyester mylar.

Prism Lamp

Georgia-based industrial design student Nicholas Baker, designed this battery-powered nightlight called 'Prism Nightlight' that turns on and off by tilting it like a seesaw.

DIY Foldable Paper Animal Lamps

Vienna-based shop MostLikely create a collection of DIY foldable paper lampshade kits.

LED Mushroom Lamps

Japanese designer Yukio Takano of The Great Mushrooming builds these lights using LEDs in synthetic mushrooms.

Interactive Cloud Lamps

New York- and New Zealand-based multidisciplinary designer Richard Clarkson has created 'the Cloud', an interactive installation of both a lamp and a speaker that able to adapt to any desired lighting color and brightness. The puffy exterior is made by felting hypoallergenic fiberfill to a sponge casing.

Peel Wall Light

Designed by YOY, this wall light looks as if a corner of a wall were peeling.

Balloon Lamps

Spanish decorative lighting manufacturers Estiluz designed this cool set of balloon lamps.

Carved African Gourd (Calabash) Lamps

These lamps are made of gourd (Calabash) ans each lamp is fully handcrafted.

Coconut Lamps

Designed by Vainius, these beautiful lamps are made of coconut, corks and suede.

Bird Lamp

Created by London-based architect and designer Umut Yamac, this balancing sculpture called 'Perch Light' is made out of folded archival paper, LEDs, and brass and is illuminated through contact with the brass.


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