Intricate Eggshell Art by Franc Grom

Slovenian artist Franc Grom carves these eggshell sculptures that are detailed to perfection by painstakingly using a pin to pierce patterns on to eggshells.

Grom uses a tiny electric drill to poke thousands of tiny holes into the fragile shell to create designs and images on the egg that are inspired by Slovenian ethnographic heritage.

Each egg design typically include an average of 2,000 to 3,000 tiny holes and can take months to complete.

"Making Easter eggs is a Slovene tradition, but carving them is an exception - it was my invention."

"The idea just came into my mind. I was trying to improve this Slovenian tradition by making extra holes in the shell, so the new holes could show new pictures."

"During the day I work for as long as I can concentrate, taking a couple of breaks. The concentration is important, as I drill the eggshell directly in my hands."

"I always check the egg under a strong light in advance before I begin carving. If I see a micro-crack in the shell, I don’t carve the egg. I know from experience that it will break."

Source: dailymail


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