Landskating by Tian Haisu

Tian Haisu paint large-scale landscape paintings that mimic traditional Chinese landscape painting using roller skates, she calls it 'Landskating'.

The Chinese artist wears a modified pair of roller skates with a pot of black paint attached to the wheels.

"My whole body is involved and I produce all kids of ink landscapes. Such creation is full of power, speed and rhythm."

"I am so passionate about ink landscaping because it shows very rich emotions by means of simple forms. I call it landskating."

The artist who started painting when she was just three years old, wears her skates while she works to make her feel at one with her art.

Through the new medium, the world’s first roller-skating artist says she wants to reinvigorate traditional Chinese art for the next generation

Her latest work, titled 'Blood-Lane-Line', measuring 13 metres (43 feet) tall by six metres (20 feet) wide was recently put on display at the San Francisco campus of California College of the Arts.

It is deliberately hung so that the top half is on the wall and the bottom half flowed onto the floor, as a way to give the impression that heaven and earth are filled with the artistry of her creations.


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