Flowing Glass Sculptures by K. William LeQuier

K. William LeQuier creates stunning glass sculptures inspired by the diversity in form and color of undersea creatures.

“My work is inspired by the drama of everyday events in the natural world where weather and time are catalysts for change.”

Every sculpture starts with a rough sketch then he produces a template to scale.

"Thin strips of adhesive rubber are arranged one at a time on each plate of glass. When the plate is sandblasted, the rubber acts as a resist. The rest of the plate is cut away leaving only what was protected by the rubber. After each plate is sandblasted the plates are then glued together with a special UV curing epoxy."

"I was intrigued with the sandblasting process. I found that I could carve the glass to generate a myriad of textures similar to results of accelerated natural erosion."

Sanding is done with a belt sander and details are carved with a diamond tip. LeQuier then creates the base and armature by hand.

"My experimentation with varying depths of carving combined with different resist materials yielded unexpected and exciting results and gave me new directions to explore."

Check his website: http://www.kwilliamlequier.com/


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