Fairytale-Like Watercolor Paintings by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

American painter and illustrator Stephanie Pui-Mun Law paints these fairytale-like watercolor paintings of plants and animals.

“Mythology has always drawn me in. And I’m not alone in that. The oral traditions of myth had perpetuated through the ages because at the core of these stories are vital bits of humanity. They are pieces that resonate with me, and they inspire me to try to create visual reflections that I can hopefully share and create resonance with my viewers.”

“I think the parts of mythology that really capture me are not so much the overt magical elements, but the more subtle aspects — how everything, and every element of life becomes suffused with divinity.”

“The minutia of existence is transformed from drabness by its potential to be magical.”

“It’s how I try to see the world around me, as a place filled with the potential for what it could be, and to find the unappreciated and sometimes hidden beauty.”

“I’ve been drawing and painting all of my life. I remember that whenever I felt bored, I would pull out a pencil or pen to start doodling.”

“Some of the first more disciplined painting I did when I was fairly young with a teacher who started showing me some of the very basic techniques of Chinese ink painting. I still think of those deceptively simple brushstrokes as some of the hardest things to master.”

“With my current techniques and medium of watercolors, I’ve been at it since about 1999, but it’s always changing and evolving as I experiment.”

“I came to the decision around 2001 that I couldn’t really conceive of my life without art as the central focus, and so I left software in San Francisco to really dive head first into my creative passions.”

”Just as my painting techniques are always changing, so is my favorite piece. I like to think that if my favorite is older than two years, I’m doing something wrong, because I want to be constantly getting better.”

“I guess the exception to that is when I’ve drastically changed my style, and I like some older piece for what it was at that time in my life. Currently my favorite is “Daphnis” from my tryptych of honeybee naiads. (The Thriae Thraie of ancient Greek mythology were said to have given Apollo the gift of prophecy). It’s my current favorite because it embodies two realms I’ve been trying to bridge in my art lately, my love of the fine detail of botanical artwork, and the fantastical.”

“On average, it takes about a week from initial brainstorming to the completion of a painting. My largest pieces take about 80 hours of painting time.”

Check her website: shadowscapes.com and Etsy store

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