Wood Relief Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates intricate densely layered wood relief sculptures using thin, 1/8″ pieces of laser-cut mahogany plywood.

"I own a big laser cutter. I used to make a lot of work hand-cutting paper, but now I'm mostly focused on using plywood, acrylics and leather."

Each piece starts with a vector illustration which is sent into his laser cutter (which he named Elsie). Lasers carve designs into 1/8″ sheets of plywood, which are then glued together and varnished.

"I have long been possessed with a desire to make my work bigger and more intricate at the same time. . . This project is not only the next step forward stylistically, but a means to achieve far more daring and exciting projects."

If you liked this kind of art, check the laser-cut works by Martin Tomsky and Eric Standley.

Check his website: www.gabrielschama.com/


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