Metazoa by ROA

Belgian artist ROA will have his debut solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC titled 'Metazoa', featuring a series of mixed media works depicts of animals painted on various cabinet-like furniture pieces that can be opened or shifted to reveal anatomical details.

"ROA views the beaver, the state animal of New York, as a metaphor for the idea that nature has the ability to reclaim itself. The recovery of the beaver in New York City after it was previously thought extinct is exemplary of how humans and animals affect each other and reflects the artist’s interest in how animals evolve within urban landscapes. Wherever man settles, the desire to explore beyond the borders of survival leads to the extinction of species. This extermination due to mankind’s impact not only disrupts the natural balance but also leads to drastic cosmic changes, which ROA aims to convey by depicting the life, transience and carrion of animals."

"Metazoa means literally the animal kingdom and the metamorphosis of an animal’s life."

"I consider my works as installations rather than as a canvas. From my first solo in Paris in 2010, I was already experimenting with the interactivity of my work. For me, when I would exhibit, I felt it should be something relevant for myself, and not just a small copy of my murals on a canvas. In murals too, I use the context and the architecture of the location. Sometimes (un)consciously not only the material of the place I am working on, but also the architecture inspires me for the form of the works. The contextual dimension plays a big part in my process in my murals as well as the gallery work."

The exhibition will be on view through 2nd May.

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Source: arrestedmotion


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