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Teatro Procópio Ferreira: Cruel Mirror


To promote the play 'Fat', mirror that distorts images were placed in the theater lounge to make people reflect "how does someone who is visibly overweight feels?". Weigh scale floor stickers were placed that displayed 120 kg; so in a relaxed way, people could literally be put in the main character place.

Coca-Cola Zero: The Swap


Insights, Strategy & the Idea: What did this action involve? When consumers asked for their regular Coca-Cola before going into the cinema, we would serve them Coca-Cola Zero to prove to them that it tastes the same, but without sugar. This low-cost action not only enabled us to provide our target with a product trial in a highly memorable way, but also offers us the chance to turn the action itself into an audiovisual element for Internet use. Making the most of the investment by reaching many more people.

Creative Execution: How were we going to execute this? We introduced a cardboard cup of Coca-Cola Zero in a larger cup, also made of cardboard, of regular Coca-Cola. Once the spectators were settled in their seats and the trailers began prior to the feature film, they would see a large Coca-Cola logo on the screen and they hear a voice explaining that we had given them Zero instead of Regular and that, while we are sure they will like it just as much, if they would still rather change it, we would give it to them free, plus a tub of popcorn for their trouble.

Results and Effectiveness: On the way out we invited people to try any Coca-Cola. 96% accepted this invitation and 43% chose Coca-Cola Zero. Also this low-cost action not only enabled us to provide our target with a product trial in a highly memorable way, but also offered us the chance to turn the action itself into an audiovisual element for Internet use. Making the most of the investment by reaching many more people.

DNA Welho: Fatboy search


Challenge: Welho’s mission is to enable enjoyment for people. We believe that fast Internet is enjoyable. With this campaign Welho wanted to launch new faster broadband speeds.

Solution: We named the speeds so that they are easy to understand to everyone: S, M, L and XL. And we created symbols for each speed. We gave out fatboy stools, shaped as the new symbols, by hiding them in the streets and encouraging people to search for them in radio. The stools also help people to enjoy themselves.

Results: The stools were gone in minutes. Phone rang at the radio studio all the time. And we sold a lot of broadbands.

Staples: Promo - Paper as much as you can carry


A promotion campaign that attracts many customers to the point of sale on the day of the official opening of the first STAPLES store in Berlin.

Promoters carry huge stacks of paper packs made from polystarene across Berlin district Mitte. They communicate the message that STAPLES now offers "papers as much as you can carry" for only 20 euros.

Results: a large crowd at the point of sale, many buyers carrying huge stacks of paper and a lot of news coverage on different TV channels and in the Berlin daily press, such as BILD and BZ.

Yamaguchi Osteopathic Clinic: The pressing points


Medical institution named the Yamaguchi Osteopathic Clinic, wants to give young people a positive image of the practice and promote visits. The agency created a medium which would make it possible to experience pressing pressure points by likening elevator buttons which allow for interaction depending on the strength with which they're pressed to "treatment points" and a college student to "The Thinker" this is used in the elevator of a licensed college near a hospital visited frequently by young business people and students.

Teddy Bear Museum: The footprint poster


In South Korea, about 1.140 bears are kept in small and dirty cages for gall bladder extraction to be used in asian medicine. The biggest reason behind maintaining “Bear Farming” is that Koreans don’t have interests in it. Thus, the museum made the public realise that how much influence “indifference” has on bears via a large poster treated with an adhesive mater.

Salvation Army: Fretex Surprise Catwalk


Fretex, a second hand clothing chain operated by the Salvation Army, ran a surprise catwalk during Oslo Fashion Week in August 2010, using pedestrians in a subway to raise media awareness. A fashion catwalk was installed over a central subway exit in Oslo, next to Oslo City Fashion Mall. People wearing everyday clothes walked through the exit, along the specially built runway and carpet, observed by an expert panel of fashion stylists, journalist and models, with a well-known DJ providing appropriate music for each model. The Surprise Catwalk raised awareness of the brand and the shop’s need for donated clothes, as well as signed up fans on the Fretex Fashion Facebook page. The campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Samsung 3D FULL HD TV: Swing


Clever outdoor ad from Samsung 3D TV. By putting a TV frame around some infant swings, you get the picture popping 3D experience as the kids fly out of the screen.

ING Direct: The first human interactive billboards


ING Direct in Italy developed a series of human interactive billboards building on research that showed that growth in their online banking business depended largely on their clients’ word of mouth referrals. Human interactive billboards, on walls, buses and specially built stands, featured real clients holding the iconic pumpkin, engaging in dialogue with potential clients passing by.


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