Ballpoint Pen Tree Bark Paintings by Shane McAdams

Brooklyn-based artist Shane McAdams created this ballpoint pen paintings on the tree bark.

“I will always marvel over how the incremental effects of time can create something more structured and unique than I may ever make with my own hands.”

"My current work reflects the dueling relationships between natural and synthetic forms – those that look like nature versus those that are nature. In my work such forms are often analogs or traces of the methods of their creation. They take root in the physical properties inherent within specific, mundane materials such as Elmer’s glue, correction fluid, ballpoint pen ink and plastic resin, whose limits are stretched by subjecting them to non-traditional applications. These applications generate structures whose complexities belie the simplicity of their creation. The processes I engage in reflect the physical forces that are constantly working to fashion and sculpt the natural landscape."

"Through my work, I hope force a dialogue about what is artificial and what is natural and universal in both my media and my practice as it relates to the history of painting."

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