Insect Origami by Brian Chan

American artist Brian Chan designed these amazingly detailed origami insects made from a single sheet of paper.

“I started by copying work of other authors about 20 years ago but after a while I was good enough to start coming up with my own pieces.”

"When I was growing up, my parents bought me a lot of origami books they start with simple models and then the diagrams get more and more complex near the end, so they are good sources for independent learning."

"That year I folded about 10 models for the MIT Origami Competition, and I won several more awards. Since then I've made more than 100 original designs."

"The basic idea behind creating origami is simple, you are allocating sections of your flat sheet of paper which become folded parts of your model."

"The method I most often use use is called circle packing. Essentially, appendages in the model are formed when circular regions of paper fold umbrella-like into thin flaps."

"Beyond this, there are a lot of other techniques I use to make my models uniquely mine, and much of it just comes from experience, intuition and folding the model many different ways until it is perfect."

Check his website:

Source: dailymail


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