Lost In Infinity Split by Alex Markow

South Florida based freelance photographer Alex Markow and artist Magnus Sodamin collaborate in this amazing project called 'Lost In Infinity Split' where body painted women, covered in fluorescent paint, blend with the environment under the black lights.

Magnus Sodamin’s 'Infinity Split' is an explosive installation of floor-to-ceiling tableaus occupying more than 3000 square-feet of gallery walls. Where Sodamin’s application generously invades all surfaces of Primary Projects's space, he poetically captures the fluidity of paint, suggesting to the viewer that “forever is what we make of it.”

"Magnus Sodamin’s Infinity Split might be compared to an acid trip. With the building of Primary Projects in Miami being knocked down for development it was the perfect opportunity for Magnus Sodamin to take over the space. As a photographer I knew I had to take advantage of the space while it lasted."

Below are some shots of “Infinity Split” by Magnus Sodamin at Primary Projects in Miami.

Check his website: http://www.alexmarkow.com/


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