Geometric Human Figures by Antony Gormley

British sculptor Antony Gormley reconstructs the human form made of abstract, geometric shapes.

"My work has always explored the body as a place rather than an object."

"The Scottish enlightenment scientist Lord Kelvin once asked how space could be most efficiently bounded by an enclosing geometry. The answer was found in those most elusive and fugitive of things: bubbles and foams which form an intriguing geometry of tetrahedral nodes with elements combining at angles slightly less than 120 degrees. In recent years I have been experimenting with cell aggregates of nesting polyhedra in both solid and space-frame forms. The aim is to turn the space of the body into an open framework of tetrahedral, cubic, dodecahedral and more complex polygons. There was a breakthrough when I released these matrices from a bounding skin."

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