Layered Resin Dioramas by Drew Mosley

Ottawa self-taught artist and carpenter Drew Mosley paints these incredible dioramas encased in wooden bowls filled with layers of painted resin that create a three dimensional sculpture.

"Im a day dreamer and a bit of a wanderer. Im a lover of nature, the trees the bees and the bears. I paint to re-establish my/ our connection with the earth/ animals/ nature. I always start a painting or drawing with a daydream, then the ideas come flooding in... "

"Any and all influences surely come from my childhood and upbringing. We spent every and all vacations, weekends and holidays either at our family’s log cabin or on canoe trips. At the time, I’m sure my sister and I thought it was torture but it forced us to amuse ourselves and let our imaginations be our entertainment. Many hours were logged in those woods surrounding the Ottawa Valley building tree forts, catching frogs and dreaming up all manners of fantastical situations."

"I never do much sketching. If I do, they are very rough and only for composition. I’m far too impatient and want to go directly to painting."

"Recently I have been experimenting a lot with resins and layering paintings to get more depth and atmosphere in my work. I can see myself exploring that for a while longer. Although its expensive to use and I’m sure its not good for me to be around it so much."

His work has been shown in Montreal, Vancouver, Greece and currently at the Ottawa Art Gallery, simply titled 'Diorama', runs 4th June to 25th July.

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Check his website: Flickr and Etsy store

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