Onde Elles Moran by Guy Laramée

Guy Laramée (previously here) is back with a new series 'Onde Elles Moran' (Where They Live) that consists of paintings and sculptures carved into books published in the ‘50s in Brazil which he purchased from secondhand bookstores.

The works contain nine sculptures and dedicated to the native birds of the Brazilian region Serra do Corvo Branco (Range of the White Raven) and their habitat.

Each book containing a portrait on the cover and a carved landscape into the pages of the book on the opposite side.

“Being in the company of these lively beings were one thing, painting them was another story. They became like ghosts on a theater backdrop, posing in front of wallpaper, looking at a vanishing scenery.”

“Maybe where they live is where we should live. In the solitude of virgin landscapes, we might rediscover our intimate relationships to the world.”

Check his website: http://www.guylaramee.com/

Source: thisiscolossal


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