Broken Butterflies by Anne ten Donkelaar

Inspired by children’s book 'The Butterfly Workshop’ by Gioconda Belli, Dutch designer Anne ten Donkelaar created 'Broken Butterflies', a series of damaged specimens which are repaired based on their existing condition.

“The tread tensioner" is missing two wings. With thread and pins I have recreated the construction the veins of his wings.

"I had my own collection of damaged butterflies, so I decided to repair each one differently according to their needs. So in a way, I now have my own workplace with butterflies and give the butterflies a second life."

"Black spot butterfly" was missing two top wings, so I made the new wings by embroidering the black spots patterns on fabric.

"I design body parts and give the insects new names, names that reveal something about their recovery."

“24 pieces butterfly” is built up from different butterfly wings, all the pieces together creating a new butterfly.

"In the Netherlands the butterflies are small and without bright colors, too small to put in a frame or to work with it. I asked the people at the "butterfly garden" in Amsterdam if they could help me and I found out that they actually had butterflies that died a natural death and I could have a few . They really inspired me and I decided to repair them in different ways due to their needs. For example the "Zwart vlek vlinder" was missing two top wings. I made the new wings for it by embroidering the same patterns on fabric."

The "Blauw Spinner" looked like it died at the moment it just came out of the cocoon. It was the inspiration for the body which consists of wrapped blue thread on a twig. A few treads are hanging loose as if the butterfly was breaking out of its cocoon, slowly unrolling and breaking free.

"The main inspiration for " Broken Butterflies" was the children's book "The Butterfly Workshop" by Gioconda Beli. It is about a "designer of all things" who wants to create something that is as beautiful as a flower and could fly like a bird."

"Goudrafeltje" (Gold fray). The wings of this butterfly seemed to be frayed, like a dress which has its seam missing and the fabric has frayed. I fixed the wings with gold leaf to stop further fraying.

"I really like doing it because it feels like I'm a butterfly doctor, but when I'm doing the really fragile work I just hold my breath. Every little mistake can break the butterfly."

"Map Butterfly". The original name of this butterfly is "Atlas moth" and lives in Asia. I used the maps of Asia to repair its wings.

"The "Medusozoa" was missing her body and the antennae, and couldn't fly. She got a new set of flying tools, kind of like a parachute and propellor. The name was inspired by the movement of the Medusozoa."

"Golden root butterfly". This butterfly was missing its body and I added the plant root to recreate the butterfly's torso. The root symbolizes an umbilical cord to the earth.

"Twig-fly” has a body made of a twig and wings made from leaves. It helps him to camouflage himself in the trees.

“The one with the feathers” lost his upper wings and was repaired with a warbonnet of feathers.

“Balloon butterfly” has a balloon instead of his broken wing, it helps him flying.

“Carnival” is a grashopper that dressed up like a butterfly. He got a pair of wings and high heels made from flower twigs.

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