Perceptual Shift by Michael Murphy

Brooklyn-based sculptor Michael Murphy (previously here and here) is back with his newest installation, 'Perceptual Shift', made of 1,252 painted wooden balls suspended from the ceiling.

When viewed from the right angle reveals a flat halftone eye.

"The imagery of the eye is inspired by the mass surveillance and data collection being conducted by the United States government. Imagery of a singular eye known as the Eye of Providence or the all seeing eye can be found on One Dollar bills, on the Great Seal, and on the logo of DARPA's Information Awareness office. On the one dollar bill, the single eye is accompanied by the motto Annuit Coeptis, meaning "God approves our undertakings," implying that it is God who has inferred the divine right of absolute power onto these organizations."

"A perceptual shift is a moment that occurs when an individual's interpretation of a particular stimulus suddenly changes. When viewing this sculpture, a perceptual shift occurs when a seemingly chaotic arrangement of black particles suddenly coalesce into a highly organized graphic image. The title is a reference to this event and to the perceptual shift that needs to occur amongst the American people, in order for a genuine change to take place in the role our government plays in our private lives. We must demand privacy and break apart this all-seeing eye."

"This sculpture is the first of its kind. It is a 3-D halftone; a three dimensional composition that renders an illusion of a flat graphic halftone image. Within that graphic image is the illusion of volume and three-dimensional space. Traditionally halftone images are rendered on a two-dimensional plane with two axes, X and Y. In this instance, I have introduced a third dimension, the Z-axis."

Perceptual Shift will be on display at IMAGE Gallery in New York through 3rd July 2015.

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