Elsewhere by Stefaan De Croock

Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock (aka Strook) created these beautiful mural made with old furniture and doors, titled 'Elsewhere'.

Strook retain each material's original state. He doesn't repaint the salvaged doors and wooden materials that he finds.

"I always keep an eye open for wood. The ‘harvesting’ is almost as important as the making of the artwork. Sometimes I see doors or wooden planks on a construction site and if they look interesting, I ask the construction workers if they still need it. If they don’t need them anymore, I come back with my van. I'll also search in deserted factories or houses just before they're going to be destroyed. Sometimes people send me a message or tell me where I can find some old floors or doors. I just look everywhere."

"It always starts with a drawing of a face. It’s really interesting to make a face with the discarded wood. It gets a new life and a new story."

"Every recycled sculpture or mural has it own story. In this case, the wall on which I constructed the installation was also an inspiration. You can see the relics of an old roof and house on the wall, so in the past there was a house next to the furniture factory. The melancholic, fragile pose of the figure symbolizes a person in the comfort of his home, where he is truly himself. A person who reflects… It's really difficult to explain this in English :-)"

"Wood & Paint is a kind of conversation between different materials, a contrast and a similarity at the same time. That’s what it’s all about; we are all so different and yet so identical. It’s a contrast but at the the same time a similarity. The two parts of this piece are a bit the same, but the making is completely different. It took a lot longer to construct the wooden part because I had to search for the right wood and textures. The wood comes from one big abandoned factory and, like in Elsewhere, I didn’t add any paint to the found wood."

"The whole process of making a recycled artwork is really interesting—the search for wood, cutting, and making the pieces; placing and building it. I really like to work with the old patina of discarded wood. It’s like a footprint of time. Every piece has it own story and comes together in a new composition and forms a new story."

Check his website: http://www.strook.eu/

Source: mymodernmet


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