Butterfly Wings Paintings by Vadim Zaritsky

Russian former police officer turned artist and entomologist, Vadim Zaritsky, uses dead butterfly wings as medium for his artworks.

Zaritsky only uses the wings of dead butterflies he comes across on roads or pathways in his hometown of Lipetsk, 438 kilometers southeast of Moscow, and dead specimens donated by fellow butterfly collectors.

“Butterfly collectors know that some wings are considered – collectors call it trash. If the wings are damaged, if they have partially faded, specialists would usually put them aside. It’s a shame to throw them away but you cannot use them either. In time, the bits may become infested with pests and you have to throw everything away anyway.”

It takes between a week and several months for him to complete a single butterfly wings painting.

“A butterfly lives for just a few weeks, while my pictures give people a chance to admire it for many years.”


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