Animal Bone Flowers by Hideki Tokushige

Japanese artist Hideki Tokushige uses animal bones to create stunningly detailed Honebana (bone flowers).


"For the flower, I used the scapulas (shoulder blades) of 127 mice."


“We’ve been creating paintings and sculptures for over 70,000 years and our relationship to bones is just as old.”

Morning Glory

“Everything around us – clothes, nuclear power plants, internet – can be traced back to the structure of bones.”


“We don’t come in contact with bones anymore, and yet we all will one day become bones and return to the earth. Perhaps by returning to a fundamental state of mind and contemplating bones we can learn something about ourselves.”


"The bones are from real mice and rats that are sold frozen in pet shops as feed."


He then defrosts them, cuts away the flesh and collected hundreds of miniscule bones.

Queen of the Night

"I am easily scared, more than ordinary people, and I am not good with horror movie as well. So I have feelings of resistance toward touching dead bodies at first. But as I treated them several times, I became to feel a familiarity with frozen mice."


"When my idea is fixed, I start to dissect. Then the construction part is started finally."


"The upper skull was used to make buds. It is hard to see in the small image, but in two places on the stem - toward the middle and near the bottom - the pelvis has been used as is."


"This time, I used not only bones but fur as well for the first time.
I made a vase from the fur and three carnations from the bones taken from the same mouse."

Cherry Blossoms

"My work starts from taking bones out. When making a flower, I always use around 100 mice bones and sometimes it takes over a month for only dissection."

He then glue each tiny fragment together until they become beautiful yet gruesome flowers .

After photographing his Hanabone, the artist returns the animal bones to the earth.

"I often bring up the image of a flower from the bone's shape, I never whittle and manufacture bones, I just use the natural characteristics of the bone."

"I only use real bones, fur skin, and glue. Because for all stuff will be able to return to the earth. Bone flowers are pulled apart and put in the ground after shooting."

All images are © Copyright of Hideki Tokushige

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Source: dailymail


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