Stunning Paper Sculpture by Sher Christopher

Award-winning paper sculptor Sher Christopher creates these incredible works of art.

"I had taken a year out from my university studying furniture design and was living in the middle of nowhere doing countryside conservation work and had very little creative resources, except scissors and paper and glue. I began working with clay and originally began taking papier-mâché moulds from the clay and it was a gradual progression to using just the paper on its own. I actually completed my final year at my university with a show of huge paper puppets!"

"Capturing emotion is very important to me in my work. I almost always start with the face, the eyes in particular, and then the overall pose of the character to portray a certain emotion. Often the body language is more important than the facial expression and I plan the pose very carefully but the two have to work together or the sculpture fails."

It takes around 5-7 days to create each sculpture, depends on the size and complexity.

"I'll often have to overlap projects but usually I prefer to finish one before starting on the next sculpture so that my focus is maintained just on that one piece. I'm also a 'neat freak' and always like to tidy up from the last project before planning the next!"

"I’m pretty structured in my approach to sculpting: I’ve found that working set hours in the studio, wherever it is based, helps my creativity and keeping a routine keeps the work flowing, although I do love spontaneity in my projects and work. Whether it’s a commission, a project or personal development of my work I start with research, then take that research and use it to develop my ideas, then often I build maquettes to test those ideas, but occasionally I’ll go straight into the final design and sculpt. Since starting a monthly newsletter this year I’ve begun showing some of the creative process. I love seeing the development of other people’s ideas and now I’m sharing some of mine so hopefully others will find it interesting."

"I want people to be fascinated, captivated by the characters and detail, and be amazed at what is capable of being created from a humble sheet of paper."

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Source: mymodernmet and strictlypaper


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