Time for Halloween Treats!!

This year lets make Halloween extra tasty with these yummy treats!

Brain Cupcake


Inside the fondant brain is a delicious "Blood Velvet" cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

Sour Candy Body Fluids

Imagine the reaction when people see you taking a sip from a urine specimen container or blood from a blood vial! Formula P and Blood Sample are Sour Candy Body Fluids, from Think Geek, packaged in specimen bottles.

The “urine” tastes like concentrated lemonade, and the”blood” is sour cherry syrup.

Halloween Gingerbread House

Create a creepy Halloween gingerbread house decorated with your favorite candies and cookies.

Tombstone Pudding Cups

Check the recipe here and here :)

Ghost Pizzas

[link] [link]

Jack o’ Lanterns Rice Balls


Check the recipe here :)

Zombie Cake Pops


Day of The Dead Cake Pops


Alien Face Hugger Cake Pops


Meat Skull



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