Iron Wire Sculptures by Mattia Trotta

Italian artist Mattia Trotta creates these most amazing sculptures from wire meshes.



Trotte begins the whole process with an outline drawing.


Everything gets done by hand, not using any welding or brazing.


He then creates a skeleton of steel wrapped around with wire. One by one, wires are tangled and compacted to fill-in the casing.


"Every wire and twist is given a reason to exist.”

Once complete, the iron sculptures are soaked in acid to prevent corrosion and to extract the natural shades of color from the wires.

“Thoughts, information sharing, emotions – everything is connected in one chain."

"My chain sets the rhythm and speed so that the extent will cover the light and shadow, calm and chaos, the air and matter, heaven and earth."


Check his website:

Images are © Copyright of Mattia Trotta

Source: Mymodernmet


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