Contemporary Art by Alastair Mackie

Alastair Mackie creates spheres out of mouse skulls, panels out of wasp nests and fabric out of owl poop.


In his exhibition “I was there in Arcadia” he shows sphericals bone sculptures displayed under glass. The spheres are composed of hundreds of intricately connected mouse skulls that he collected from ‘regurgitated barn owl pellets’ found around his family farm.


This artwork called 'House' was made of 300 pulped paper wasp and hornet nests, steel and glass.


'Mud Hut', made of mud, straw, and horse manure. Size 135cm x 76cm x 76cm and priced at £8,000. An architectural model of the Capitol building in Washington.

"My interest in the workings of the natural world and our place within it originates from growing up in rural Cornwall. I grew up on a farm and the materials I use often bear the mark of the specific language of the landscapes and communities of my youth. Owl pellets, abandoned wasp nests, debris washed up on beaches were at first things of curiosity to me but later they became linked with the ideas behind the work and, eventually, physical manifestations of it."

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