Horrorgami by Marc Hagan-Guirey

London-based artist Marc Hagan-Guirey (aka. Paper Dandy) created an interesting papercraft artworks series called Horrorgami, inspired by the Japanese art form of kirigami and infamous haunted homes from horror movies.

The Addams Family

He carefully cut and folds each of the iconic locations from one single piece of A4 paper, not using any sticky adhesive or glue.

The Shining

The artworks are placed in light boxes. With different colours backlighting the models, the paper sculptures appear like spooky silhouettes at night.

House on Haunted Hill

"What started off as a hobby quickly grew into an obsession, so much so that within months of starting to make kirigami models I’d resigned from my job as a digital design director to solely concentrate on completing my first series. Luck seemed to be on my side as after only 2 weeks of leaving the safety of full time employment I’d been approached by a gorgeous gallery who wanted to exhibit my work. This really was the stuff dreams were made of. My own show!"


"After I’d made the first 2, ‘House on Haunted Hill’ and ‘The Addams Family Mansion’ and knew that I wanted to create a collection, I made a list of all the others I wanted to make."

The Amityville Horror

"Normally I have a very clear vision in my head of what it will look like but I don’t limit myself to that and begin some investigation over a couple of days. The process involves collecting as many screenshots of the building that I can. I always closely watch the film again so that I can put little Easter eggs in the work where relevant. I sketch a few different concepts first, trying out which angle it is best to view the house from. When I’m happy with it I launch straight in – I don’t like to spend too much time at the planing state! I use Illustrator to draw the plans."


"Once you’ve got you head around it, you can sort of see what will work and what won’t. Although that doesn’t mean mistakes won’t happen. The pieces vary in length of time depending on how many prototypes I have to do to get the model right. It can be a few days but normally I walk away from something and then return to it in a week or so to make smaller adjustments. Sometimes in theory a model should work but when it gets to the folding stage (which in itself takes around an hour of teasing the paper) there might be just a little too much pressure on the paper and it splits meaning I have to start again."

Rosemary's Baby

"‘The Rosemary’s Baby’ Horrorgami has around 400 holes for windows in it. I had cut them all out by hand and then started folding only to realise that I’d made an error in the design. I’d like to pretend that I’m fairly calm about that sort of thing but the reality is that I usually throw a massive tantrum for a few seconds, collect myself and then start again. I could probably make the models a lot more detailed if I used bigger pieces of paper but I like the challenge of making an accurate representation of a building as small as possible. It sort of allows the viewer to fill in the blanks themselves by recalling the memories and feelings about the film – some of which they might not have seen for decades yet had a really lasting impression on them."

The Munsters

The Exorcist


All images are © Copyright of Marc Hagan-Guirey

Check his website: http://www.paperdandy.co.uk/

Source: cmoorin


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