Keyboard Art

Artist: Babis Cloud

Artist Babis Cloud aka Babis Panagiotidis creates this beautiful Trojan Horse sculpture made of computer keys.


Each key is perfectly placed to the horses muscular body and fastened to a rocking base. The tail is made of wire cables.

Artist: Choi Jung Hyun

Korean artist Choi Jung Hyun created this Viper Snake sculpture from recycled keyboards.


Artist: Maurice Mbikayi

South African artist Maurice Mbikayi creates this awesome looking sculpture of a skull that he calls “Anti-social Network" out of keyboard keys.


"This work symbolizes the internet addiction and consequences that occur nowadays. It also emphasizes negative effects of being reliant to the new technology and internet.Sadly the more we experience it the more we are reliant to it."

Artist: Federico Uribe

We have seen Federico Uribe's incredible works in the previous post.

He also created female toros using different materials, include keyboard keys.


Check more of his unique female torsos in this post.

Artist: Bart Vargas

Nebraska artist Bart Vargas creates these Ewaste sculptures made from keyboard pieces.

Check his website:

Artist: Nolan Herbut

Nolan Herbut used over 2000 recycled computer keys to create this Wolfgang Keyboard Bench.

Herbut maintained the action of the keys so that they move when you sit or when they are pressed upon.

Artist: Doug Powell

Doug Powell spent 190 hours to create this beautiful mosaic of a space shuttle made of 5,951 keyboard keys.


Artist: Christopher Cobell

Christopher Cobell of SketchkeysArtistry creates these masterworks out of laptop keycaps.

Each one is handmade by gluing thousands of individual keys to a black foam backing, suitable for framing.

Check his website:

Recycled Keyboard Clutch Purse and Bag


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