Creative Sandals and Slippers Designs

This post showcases unusual sandals and slippers designs from all over the world.

KUSA Grass Lined Sandals

Australian brand KUSA flip flops are lined with a layer of life-like artificial grass to give you the feeling of walking out in an open field, designed by Yashin.

Metal Detecting Sandals

These Metal Detecting Sandals were designed to offer a new easy way to treasure hunt.

It has a built in metal detector, and and can find buried treasure up to 2 foot or 60cm deep depending on the material buried under. As soon as you spot a metal object, the battery pack alerts you using a flashing red light and the detecting unit will buzz and vibrate.

The Metal Detecting Sandals are powered by a single 9V battery, which will last for up to 6 hours. Unplug the battery box and you've still got a good looking, comfortable pair of sandals to wear!

Topless Sandals

Topless Sandals adhere to your feet and give you the freedom of going barefoot. You have no straps and nothing between your toes. Eliminate tan lines and blisters. Topless sandals stick to the bottom of your feet, but leave no residue on your feet when you take them off. The “stick” is guaranteed for a year, which is the typical life span of a flip flop.

Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals

This is a cool new trend from Japan called Ashiato Animal Footprint Kids Sandals. They are wooden children’s footwear that come with a choice of five different animal type footprints on the bottom. Very creative!

Color Pencil Sandals

These Color Pencil Sandals are made out of colored pencils, designed by Lauren Milroy, a mechanical engineer with a background in the aerospace industry.

Keyboard Sandals


These nerdy keyboard sandals will make a great gift for the computer geek in your family.

Zombie Feet Slippers

These slippers shaped like zombie feet and great for your Halloween costume this year.

Werewolf Feet Slippers

If you want your feet to be cozy warm like the furry feet of a werewolf’s, then you need to slip on a pair of Werewolf Feet Slippers.

Walk ‘n’ Clean Mop Slippers

Now you can clean you floors without expending any extra energy by using these clever slippers. Microfiber soles are attached via Velcro to the underside of each slipper, effortlessly cleaning your floors simply by walking. When you’re done moseying about, you peel off the soles and throw them in the wash. Not only is it easier on you, but it’s also better for the environment because the soles are reusable.

LED Light Slippers


These unique slippers are both weight and light sensitive, so they light up only in the dark while you’re wearing them. The LEDs easily illuminate an area 20 to 25 feet in front of you and four replaceable lithium-ion batteries power the slippers. Now you can move around dark areas without turning on any lights.

Double-Sides Slippers

These Double-Sides Slippers made of a thin sheet of rubber with a slit in the middle, enable the user to wear the slippers from both directions avoiding the hassle of rearranging the slippers in the event that they're upside-down.

Designed by Zhang Xun and Li Cheng, the designers who won the 2008 Red Dot Award for Design Concept with these slippers. The concept behind the futuristic slippers is based on the Yin Yang philosophy.


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