Intense Public Guerrilla Advertisement

Feed SA Shopping Cart Posters


Feed SA is a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa.

Despite the rapidly growing numbers of homeless and hungry people on the streets, more fortunate citizens tend to drive by and ignore them.

They were briefed to help Feed SA target consumers more efficiently in order to increase contributions. They placed decals of hungry, begging street children at the bottom of supermarket shopping trolleys bearing the Feed SA website and the line. “See how easy feeding the hungry can be?”. Any food placed into the trolley appeared to be given to the child.

CVV Suicide Prevention Center

These posters by a Brazilian suicide prevention organization use nothing but white paper and the silhouette cut-out of someone falling – with the negative space from the cutout appearing to save them.

Atzum The Task Force on Human Trafficking: Women to go


An installation for The Task Force of Human Trafficking draws attention to the problem of women trafficking. Part of the campaign was a petition calling to adopt a law proposal by which consumption of sexual services is a criminal offense.

Real women were put on display with price tags and details including their name, weight, height and measures.

Human trafficking is the second biggest organized crime in the world. Around 2 million people are involved in human trafficking every year, the vast majority of them women and girls.

The installation aroused huge amount of publicity both in Israel and around the world.

Where’s Your Child?


This poster featuring a motionless child hovering at the bottom of a pool – placed underwater so that from above, it looks real – is part of a drowning awareness campaign by ‘Watch Around Water’, an Australian safety initiative.

Father Bob Maguire Foundation, Australia


Garbage receptacles were wrapped to make the opening resemble a dinner plate with the tag line: “For the homeless, every day is a struggle. Donate today and help us feed the homeless.”



Child labour is a big problem in India. People in India are averse to contributing for social causes because they feel their contributions won’t make a difference. The objective of this piece from the Care Foundation was to reverse the trend and drive donations towards the child labour cause. Each individual’s contribution can help alter the current situation of a child; this was the essential message to be communicated in the ambient space.

A life-sized statue of a child, dressed in rags carrying a box above his head was sculpted and placed against a wall backdrop. The box filled with some weights was tied to a rope running over a set of pulleys and attached to a donation box at the other end. The words ‘Your contribution can end child labour’ was painted over it. This installation was placed in several malls with high volume footfalls across the city.

Fundación ANAR: Only for Children


The ANAR Foundation poster can only be fully seen when looked at from a child's point of view due to a lenticular printing technique to combine two images.

The foundation was concerned that if a poster containing a phone number that both adult and child could see, the adult may possibly say things to dissuade the child from considering seeking help.

They have calculated an area visible only by children under ten - and a warning for adults "Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it."

It provides help line for children suffering any kind of violence.

When a child around 10-year-old(or anyone under 1.35m tall) views the poster, they see the full message and Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk (ACAR) foundation’s phone number: "If somebody hurts you, phone us and we'll help you. 116 111"

Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible

“Neglected Children are made to feel invisible.”


For their ongoing campaign Stop Child Abuse Now, the Australian Childhood Foundation used child size mannequins to represent children suffering neglect. The mannequins were placed in high traffic locations around the city and then a billposter was pasted over the top of the figure so only the feet and legs could be seen.



Childcare India is running a campaign in India aiming to help more than 20 Million Indian Children who beg on the streets each day.

They affixes life-like stickers of begging children to glass doors.

The campaign's headline, placed on a sticker near the door's handle, is "Push him out of begging. Not out of your way."


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