Artforum Excavation by Francesca Pastine

San Francisco-based artist Francesca Pastine cut pages of Artforum Magazine layer by layer with an X-acto blade to create these beautiful sculptures for her 'Artforum Excavation' series.

"I began using ARTFORUM magazines as a medium for my work in 2008."

"I was intrigued by their square format, particularly when the bloated art market was reflected in their one-inch thickness and I began asking my friends for their unwanted magazines. Starting with the covers, I cut, bend, manipulate, pull, and dig my way through them, revealing a visceral topography of art trends. The finished worked becomes an unsolicited collaboration with the magazine and the cover artist."

"Maintaining a strong connection to the physicality of drawing, my X-acto blade mimics a pencil. I eschew glue or other manipulations that change the inherent character of the magazines. In this way, they retain their association to what they are, carriers of information that have been handled, earmarked and scuffed over time."

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