Dripping Wall Murals by Ben Slow

London portrait artist Ben Slow creates large murals of beautiful starlets and pop culture icons with a streaky style called drip technique.

“Working from my London studio, I find an exciting dynamic in the contradictory relationship between the glamorous pop images and the raw, unrefined urban context in which such icons are celebrated. The point of my work is to reduce the silhouette to its most elegant and minimal, while simultaneously embellishing its energy, depth and texture. The process is as symbolic as it is aesthetic.”

“Texture is a vital part of my work and the expressive portraits are richly detailed through a deceptively intricate process of layering and coloring. This is particularly noticeable in the large scale works such as those at the Royal Albert Hall or in the various street pieces. The larger the piece, the more room there is for his expressive techniques to run free.”

Check his website: http://slowbenart.com/

Source: mymodernmet

Images taken from here


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