Colorful Riverbeds Drawing by Ester Roi

California artist Ester Roi creates drawings of colorful riverbeds using colored pencils and a drawing device that she invented herself called the Icarus Drawing Board.

"After three years of testing I’m really excited to share with my fellow artists a technique that offers amazing and immediate results and yet is revolutionary in its simplicity."

"In the last several years I have been painting flowers and rocks and their interaction with water. I study them above and below the surface, and observe how their visual characteristics change and relate to each other."

"My interest was focused on a technique called "colored pencil painting" which aims to achieve the same level of color saturation and density that is characteristic of acrylic or oil."

"While searching for methods that would facilitate the blending and burnishing of my wax-based colored pencils, I decided to experiment with heat."

"I put a metal pan on the stove, turned it upside down, placed a piece of paper on top and began drawing. I soon discovered how remarkable the effect of heat was on my colored pencils and crayons and decided to build a home-made "heated drawing board" from scratch."

"The Icarus Drawing Board is a portable drawing board featuring two working zones, a WARM ZONE and a COOL ZONE. The heated portion of the board is an area of about 8”x 12” for the 2026 model and 6"x 9" for the 1420 model. All around this area and on the cool zone of the board the tempered glass remains at near room temperature."

"In general, the WARM ZONE is used for mixing pigments, blending, burnishing and reworking. The COOL ZONE is used for line drawing, layering, detailing and finishing touches."

"I alternate between working on cool and warm paper using the heated drawing board I invented. The heat helps soften or melt the waxy pigments so they can be easily manipulated and blended in a painterly fashion. When finished, the artwork is mounted on a cradled board, varnished, framed and shown without glass."

All images are © Copyright of Ester Roi

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Ester Roi said...

Thank you for a wonderful post on my art! Just found it. :)

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