Hand-Sculpted Clay Illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

Madrid born graphic designer and illustrator Irma Gruenholz creates these beautiful illustrations in 3D using modelling clay.

"The main material I use in my work is modelling clay, though I also use polymer clay if the model requires a hard and durable finish. Since I enjoy experimenting with textures, if the piece dictates, I often combine modelling clay with various materials such as paper, metal, wood or found objects. I love working with all kinds of elements and textures, exploring the possibilities of each project."

"I create hand-sculpted illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements, online marketing, etc. I also prepare 3D models in polymer clay for customer presentations, prototypes and custom props."

Her artworks remind me of Elly MacKay's illustration works using paper (previously here).

Check her website: http://www.deplastilina.com/ and http://iirma.blogspot.sg/


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