Ceramic Dissection by Beccy Ridsdel

UK-based artist Beccy Ridsdel creates these unique sculptures where ceramics have been altered with surgical instruments to reveal additional layers of detail.

"My art/craft work is a wry look at the way ceramics is perceived in the art world. Most people see working with mud as craft through and through, and this work is a dissection of the craft object in the form of domestic ware."

"The dissector is trying to find something else beneath the surface but every time they cut chintz, crochet and needlework spills out."

"Much of my work is decorative, made in response to my chosen themes. My desire work, the porcelain with knitten wool, is based on the theme of looking closely at the forgotten or ignored to find something magical. Barnacles are largely insignificant but when you look closely at them, you see that their lives revolve around desire – desire for food, procreation and light."

Check her website: http://www.beccyridsdel.co.uk

Source: livingdesign


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