Tiny Wooden Figures by Joe Iurato

New Jersey-based street artist Joe Iurato creates tiny wooden figures using layers of hand cut wood and spray paint, and places them in public spaces.

"The pieces I’ve been making are small, spray painted wood cutouts. No bigger than 15” in size."

"The subjects vary, but they’re all very personal – they sort of tell the story of my life in stages. From break dancing to skateboarding to rock climbing to becoming a father, all of these things have helped define my character. For me, it’s just about revisiting those moments in a way that’s familiar. I’ve always appreciated seeing architecture and nature in a different light. As a skater, the tar banks behind a local supermarket, a flight of stairs, a parking block, a drainage ditch, a handrail, a wall – they all present possibilities for interaction and fun in ways they weren’t intended to be used. Skaters see things differently, I think."

"I try to see the possibilities for a larger picture within a smaller space: a puddle can become a lake, a small crack in a cement wall can become a magnificent climb, a curb or window ledge can fall away into a desperate void, a planter box can become a place for a child to play, and a shadow might be a tangible space for a few seconds a day. There’s no limit to the possibilities and I find myself more and more looking at the environment for ways to interact. The small pieces rely heavily on their surroundings to tell the story, and so I take a picture with my phone or camera from the vantage point I think works best."

All images are © Copyright of Joe Iurato

Check his website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeiurato and https://www.facebook.com/joe.iurato.7

Source: Brooklyn Street Art


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