Ordinary Behavior by Kevin LCK

Artist and illustrator Kevin LCK builds dioramas into everyday electronic objects made from cardboard for his series 'Ordinary Behavior'.

"'Ordinary Behavior' is a project about the unhealthy relationship between human and technology in an everyday context."

"I have created a set of five illustrative objects as the tools of revealing the absurd situations. They are all made of paper cardboard and appear to be everyday electronic appliances and devices that can be found in our domestic environment, however, their interiors are modified into miniaturized human scaled space."

"I seeked to detach the audience from the real world temporarily, provide them with a space to rethink and reconsider the way we behave and think about the relationship between ourselves, objects and environment with technology in a more conscious way."

Check his website: http://kevinlck.com/105050/kevinlck


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