Beautiful Metal Fire Pits by Melissa Crisp

Artist Melissa Crisp created this unique fire pit designs that are works of art.

This beautiful fire pit called 'Up North' made of American-made steel, features a rust patina finish and has a rain drain at the bottom.

The scene was inspired by the north woods of Minnesota where the artist's mother grew up, with tamarac trees, moose, buck, doe, fawn, and ducks flying in formation. The craggy tree branch legs are the base.

Round-Up features a ranch with four scenes. A cowboy on a horse roping a calf. Another scene shows a little boy standing on a fence watching with Grandpa by his side. There are also cattle and a bull in two separate scenes.

This Australian themed fire pit and features kangaroos, kookaburra birds, a crocodile and a small koala bear. The globe shaped sphere sits above a craggy tree branch base.

The "Freedom Fire" custom steel fire pit has a patriotic theme with the american bald eagle emblem with his right talon the eagle holds an olive branch, in his left a bundle of thirteen arrows.

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