Finger Animal Illustrations by Javier Pérez

Ecuador-based graphic designer and photographer Javier Pérez (previously here) created a series of animal illustrations mixed with his fingers as a continuation of his drawing.

“Last year when my project Instagram Experiments went viral, I wanted to experiment with more objects but I was afraid to stay stagnant in that style. So, I started with one idea using my hand, after that I created more.”

Javier got this idea from children.

"They always use their hands and fingers to imagine animals and creatures. I only changed the way to show them. I wish I could make a book for them.”

“I collect ideas during the week and then I use Saturday and Sunday to create them”

“‘Create everyday, no matter your skills.’ I always say this because I think there are many artists with incredible skills but they don't work on their own artwork. The artists have to be original and always be sincere with themselves.”

Check his instagram:

Source: mymodernmet, boredpanda


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