The Imaginary Museum by Vik Muniz

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz displayed his amazing works of art in an exhibition 'The Imaginary Museum', in the Lambert Collection museum, Hôtel de Caumont and Église des Célestins in Avignon, southeastern France.

For his 'Sugar Children' series, he used a tiny vacuum apparatus, cotton swabs with glue, tweezers, and brushes to rearrange and build density, highlight, and shadow out of bits of wood pulp and soil. Granules of sugar are transported one by one.

This 'Diamond Divas' series is a collection of five Hollywood’s screen legends portraits (Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, Princess Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe) made with more than 3,000 (550 carats) Kwiat diamonds.

“I love the way the diamonds play with the light. This promises to be one of my most successful series ever. People are asking to buy the images sight unseen because they are so fascinated by diamonds.”

Vincent Van Gogh 'The Sower', made with dried flower pods, sprigs of lavender, straw, dried seeds, and sticks.

Van Gogh's portrait, made with dried flower pods, lavender, straw, dried seeds, and sticks.

'Double Mona Lisa', made with peanut butter and jam.

'Che (Sopa de Frijoles negros)', made with black bean soup.

As for his 'Pictures of Chocolate' series, the image was drawn with chocoloate syrup and photographed quickly.

“Working with materials sometimes means working with the very essence of what a material has to offer. … The work defines the material and the material defines the work. … My work process has always been about this paradigmatic bind between the materiality and the concept in a work of art.”

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