Ceramic Shards Sculptures by Zemer Peled

Israeli artist Zemer Peled created these sculptures constructed from ceramic shards.

"My work examines the beauty and brutality of the natural world and I’m inspired by nature and my surrounding landscapes. In my current body of work I’m influence by the historically important era in ceramic history, the Blue and White Porcelain Wares, in particular the 19th centaury Blue and White floral and landscape designs painted on Japanese Igezara plates."

"Looking at the small painting then enlarging and turning them into life-size sculptures, I would like the viewer to feel as if they are walking inside a blue and white porcelain plate. The pieces are made out of thousands of porcelain shards colored with blue cobalt."

"The sculptures I make are formed of ceramic shards, constructing them into large-scale/small-scale sculptures and installations. I am producing the shards myself using the slab roller; I make sheets of clay, fire them, and smash them into pieces with a hammer."

"I love playing with the idea of the texture and the form can look airy, delicate, light and fluffy and to give a sense of flutter, as if my breath would break it. Yet, the hard and sharp shards can be seen as round and moving, and give a sense of softness."

Check her website: www.zemerpeled.com/

Source: 108contemporary‎


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