Plasticine Paintings by Svitlana Karelina

Ukrainian artist Svitlana Karelina recreates iconic paintings using plasticine which sometimes take as long as two months to complete.

"My work is monotonous and hard. Once, about 9 years ago, while I was playing with my kids (I have 2 daughters) I found that plasticine really helped me to forget about my problems. I touched it, started to create something and, during this process, felt myself becoming calm. So then I started to make more and more figures from plasticine and place them in to a single picture. The result was unexpectedly successful, so I continued to create pictures on childish theme for my daughters."

"After couple of years I became divorced and fell into a heavy depression…my older daughter Kate recommended that I turn my negative emotions into producing recreations. We have a huge book with paintings by famous artists, so we looked through it and my first work was ‘The last day of Pompei’ by Karl Brullov."

"You know, when I create I forget about food or sleep. I can do it all night long, and honestly at that time of my divorce creating really helped me cope. Right now I am okay to be alone, and I create my works with a big smile."

“My doors are open for all those who want to see it, but honestly nobody knows about me and my plasticine for several reasons. I really don’t have friends who understand the beauty of it.”

“The only people who inspire me and buy plasticine for me again and again are my daughters. They say they believe in my talent, but I think they just say it to support me. Three years ago, we were trying to put together an exhibition, but sadly this idea failed as nobody expressed interest. I was just standing at my spot with pictures, nobody liked it.”

Source: lostateminor


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