Quilled Paper Rugs by Lisa Nilsson

Artist Lisa Nilsson creates these quilled paper carpets that look like authentic Persian rugs using quilled strips of hand-cut mulberry paper.

"I've been calling this work Tapis Series - tapis being French for rug or carpet. I first encountered the word in a song referring to a "tapis de verdure" or "carpet of greenery" on the ground and liked the blending of natural and man-made in the phrase."

"I start in the center and work out (quite different from the top-to-bottom, row-by-row manner of rug weaving)."

"I employ tools and techniques from the worlds of book making, framing and woodworking. I start by making a wooden outer box of poplar and plywood, then cover it with book cloth using paste that book binders use. I also make a cherry or walnut inner box that has a groove cut in it to hold the glass. Inner box fits inside outer box; the two are held together by screws on the outer sides of the outer box."

"For the base, I use picture frame molding. I cut a block from dense wood (oak) that fits the void in the picture frame. I screw the outer box into the block, then the whole thing is stabilized and held together by a piece of medium density fibreboard screwed to the bottom of the base. I cover the bottom of the fibreboard with wool felt… it looks cool and protects the surface (furniture) that the piece may be placed on."

"So far, this is the simplest approach I've found to get what I want - a stand-up presentation, the look of the combination of wood and book cloth, and the whole thing can be taken apart by unscrewing to access the artwork, should it ever require restoration. The artwork is glued to a board (book binder's board covered with black paper) but not to the box."

Check her website: http://lisanilssonart.com/home.html

Source: allthingspaper


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