Sketching with a Band Saw by James McNabb

Pennsylvania artist James McNabb created a beautiful collection of architectural shapes using discarded wood as an interpretation of making something out of nothing entitled 'The City Series'.

Each piece is cut on a band saw which he describes the process as “sketching with a band saw.”

"In the preliminary stages of a project, I often feel exhausted from thinking about design and the hyper-technical nature of woodworking. For me, I find relief in turning the machines on, and turning my brain off. During one of these moments, I picked up a piece of scrap wood from the trash, turned on the band saw, and started making a few cuts. It didn’t matter what I was making, but I was working through my frustrations in the material. The object I made looked strangely familiar. Rather than thinking too much about what I just did, I grabbed another piece and made more cuts. In about an hour, I made 15. I enjoyed what I was accomplishing, so I stayed up through the night that evening and made over 200 by the next morning. When I stood them next to each other, I realized I had created a small city of unique ideas."

"I compare hyperrealistic painting to fine woodworking. Both are slow, tedious, detail oriented process that require great care and consideration through every stage of making. In contrast, I compare my style of rapid bandsaw mark making to the fast paced nature of spray can art. It’s my attempt at “urban woodworking”.

Check his website:

Source: thisiscolossal, catesthill


Anonymous said...

I tried to come up with words for this...all I could think of that would come close is SIMPLY AMAZING! just awesome work!

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