Portraits on Phone Book Pages by Carlos Zuñiga

Chilean artist Carlos Zuniga creates detailed portraits or landscapes by carefully and systematically crossed out individual names from phone book pages with black ink.

"An intense form of mechanical production gave birth to this idea. My video The Origin of Species (2006) was inspired in the Ludovico technique used in the film A Clockwork Orange, which is based on the 1962 novella by Anthony Burgess. The Origin of Species showed me striking out the whole text of Charles Darwin’s book of that title. While I was doing this exercise I couldn’t stop thinking about how to depict my ideas in a figurative way."

"At that time, I was just completing my undergraduate studies in painting and the subject of figurative representation has always been of great interest to me. However, my drawing skills were lousy… After around eight years of drawing classes I felt frustrated."

"The idea of ‘making strokes’ was embedded in me from the observations I made during my 10 years of working as a designer in an editorial business. Finally, that painful affection resulting from the frustration caused by my drawing finds its impulsive escape in a drawing (or a scribble) that I made over Darwin’s book. So, that is the origin of my technique. After that, I did lots of tryouts until the finalised technique emerged; my first figurative art work was Next (2007). Today, I am fully aware of my evolution and I keep on studying my drawing with close attention."

Check his website: www.carloszuniga.org/

Source: edel assanti project space


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