Adorable Sign Language Illustrations by Alex Solis

Chicago-based illustrator and web designer Alex Solis creates this amazing series of illustrations to teach us American Sign Language with colorful drawings.

A for Apple

By combining photography and cartoonish style, each hand sign is accompanied by an animal that corresponds with the first letter of their name.

B for Bear

C for Cats

D for Dog

E for Elephant and Eagle

F for Fox and Fish

G for Gorilla

H for Hippo

I for Iguana

J for Jaguar

K for Koala

L for Lion

M for Monkeys

N for Narwhal

O for Octopus

P for Penguin and Pig

Q for Quail

R for Rabbit

S for Skunk

T for Turtle and Toucan

U for Unicorn

V for Vampire

W for Walrus

X for X-rays

Y for Yak and Yarn

Z for Zebra and El Zorro

You can buy his book titled 'Signs and Doodles', available through Solis’ Big Cartel shop.

Check his website:


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